Supporting Automatic Voter Registration in Maryland

April 3, 2018

Democracy is the cornerstone of American society. We believe that a healthy democracy is good for business. And elections where participation and access are encouraged will make Maryland a great home for businesses and communities for years to come.

By considering reforms like automatic voter registration, we can implement changes to make our elections more secure and efficient for eligible voters in Maryland.

Automatic voter registration will ensure that voter information in Maryland is up to date and only includes eligible voters. It protects the integrity of our voter rolls, keeps voter information private, makes participating more accessible, and saves taxpayer money.

Maryland joins more than 12 states across America taking action to modernize their elections. This is a significant step forward for the health of Maryland’s democracy, and one that will sharpen Maryland’s competitive edge in our national economy.

We – Twitter, Lyft, and Endeavor – thank Maryland elected leaders for moving boldly to strengthen voter registration laws, providing security and access for voters to participate in our American franchise.

The business listed below, and the communities we represent, will be made stronger by measures like the Secure and Accessible Registration Act (SARA; SB 1048).

We thank the overwhelming number of Maryland Senators and Delegates who have voted to move this legislation forward.

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